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Life of a Baby

...from cell till BIRTH.

Fertilized Egg
One day
One and half day old
Two days
Three days
Four Days
One month
2 Months Fetus
3 Months Foetus
4 Months Foetus
5 Months Fetus
6 Months Fetus
7 Months Foetus
8 Months Foetus
Baby at 9 Months

...from one cell to over 2 billion cells containing all structures needed, formed within 266 days -
a new being. A zygote turned Embryo. A Foetus that developed to a full baby, 8 million times heavier than the original fertilized egg cell. Cells develop and disintegrate to form tissues and organs for respiration, digestion, feeding, hearing, seeing and feeling etc. A well crafted masterpiece: genetically, anatomically, physiologically and bio-medically...

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