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Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)

EDD is an expected or estimated date of delivery that can be derived through test such as ultrasound or via a 'Do it Yourself' (DIY) method. DIY is a non-ultrasound method which involves simple calculation. There are many emphases on the non-ultra sound technique but one of the efficient DIY approach is explained in the video tagged: EDD Simplified. Once a woman is pregnant, it is normal for her to want to know the due date for the delivery of her baby. In doing the calculation, some variables or points are key in order to get the appropriate result. They are:

1.  Date of the first day of last menstrual cycle (highly needed),
2.  9 months for pregnancy/ 12 months make a year (must be noted) and
3.  7 days make a week (must be noted as well).

Expected Date of Delivery


Last Days of Pregnancy

The last weeks of pregnancy fall within 266 days to 280 days, counting from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP); as conception marks the beginning of life formation so also contraction signals the childbirth. Contraction is a key factor in the process of delivery. At the last weeks of pregnancy (40th weeks precisely also known as FULL TERM), the pregnancy is in full size because the baby is mature for delivery. He has little space in the amniotic sac hence just curled up and probably tired of the encasement. The mother too often times would have become tired of the heavy load, therefore eager for the delivery to see and cuddle the baby being nurtured in the womb for the past 280 days.

Things to take to the hospital

In readiness for delivery, the expectant mother must prepare all the necessary items needed in the hospital. It is essential for her to vividly grasp the changes going on in her body. Childbirth should not be a terrible or regrettable experience. It is easy when the expectant mother is informed, not afraid but at ease. Apart from baby clothes and packs, other hospital items needed when about to give birth include but not limited to:

- A Pyjamas/ Nightgown,

- Brassieres (Nursing Type),
- Maternity gown,
- Flip-flops,
- Sanitary Pads, Handkerchief and Tissue Paper,
- Cosmetics and toiletries: flannel (Sponge) and soap, Brush and Paste, Mirror, Hairbrush/ Comb, Nail cutter/ Polish, Cologne, Facial Powder
 - Beverages etc.

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