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Depot-medroxyprogesterone Acetate - Subcutaneous (DMPA-SC).

DMPA-SC Injection: Step by Step Guide for Administration

Check your medical status/ health conditions FIRST to know if you are eligible...

Prepare the supplies (from Health Agent Bag) needed for injection comprising: Cotton wool, Methylated Spirit, DMPA-SC Injection, Gloves etc. Other needed items include: Bailer/ Clean Container for water, Soap, Brush, Waste Bin etc.

** Bold Steps in RED indicate critical areas for careful attention.

Step 1: Wash hands.

Use soap and water to wash the hands after setting the health agents and before giving the injection.

Shake hands in air to dry.

Step 2: Selects an appropriate injection site.

Note: Client can be asked of preferred injection site

Clean Area to Inject the DMPA-Sc
Clean injection site (if dirty) with cotton wool soaked with water.
Injection site could ONLY be either:

  • The Back of the upper arm,
  • On the abdomen (not at the navel) or
  • On the front of the thigh.
Injection Site

Step 3: Remove the Uniject (DMPA-SC injection) by opening the foil pouch; tear from the notch.

Remove Uniject, open the foil pouch; tear from the notch.

  • Check the expiration date on the pouch.
  • Make sure it is at room temperature.

Parts of the Uniject

Parts of a Uniject

Step 4: Mix the solution (liquid) and check the device (Uniject)

  • Hold the Uniject by the Port.
  • Shake it vigorously for 30 seconds.

Hold, shake and mix thoroughly
  • Check to make sure the solution is well-mixed.
  • There should be no damage or leaking.

Check mixture

Step 5: Activate device (Uniject)

  • Hold the Uniject by the port.
  • Keep the Uniject pointed upward during activation to prevent dripping or spilling the drug.

  • Push the needle shield into the port.
  • Continue to push firmly until the gap between the needle shield and port is closed.


  • If gap is not fully closed, you will not be able to press reservoir for injection.

  • The needle is pushed through a barrier that holds the DMPA Solution while the solution goes into the needle.

Step 6: Remove the needle shield/ cap.

Remove the needle shield/ cap

  • Do not put needle cap back on.
  • Throw the cap in a trash bin.

** Bold Steps in RED indicate critical areas for special attention.


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