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Food or  Meal

Not all delicious food is a balanced diet. At the same time, balance diet is a means for a nutritious meal. A pregnant mother should consume a balance diet that contains the seven classes of food or at least three to four out of the six. The baby will benefit from such diet but needs the most: Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.

INFOGRAPHICS: Basic Group of foods
Basic group of foods

A pregnant mother should endeavour to eat a complete balance diet (non-fattening) right from the first month that she is pregnant and distinctively in the last fourth to fifth months of pregnancy. This is because the expectant mother will need more nutrients to cater for the needs of the developing fetus as it grows larger in her womb. Each regular meal should provide about one-third of the required daily nutrition. Protein for example is an essential nutrient for both the mother and baby. Complete protein comprises all essential amino acids while incomplete protein lacks one or more of the amino acids. To achieve a balance meal of complete protein, rice can be combined with beans. Lack of nutrients for the baby will make such baby to be weak and small (in size). Adverse effects may also include improper formation of the brain. Be it a nutritious food or balanced meal, it does not end there; both only serve as part of the requirements for nurturing the developing baby.


This is a lifestyle that promotes the preservation of health and cleanliness to prevent sickness. It could be as simple as forming the habit of not sleeping lately. The body which serves as a cage that houses the baby needs frequent rest. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided at pregnancy because of the inflow of flames which is unhealthy for the baby. Maintaining a balanced diet and clean environment are healthy culture that promotes hygiene. Regular bath and washing of hands are also hygienic while overdoing it habitually should be put under check.
Don't Smoke nor drink

It is advisable that a pregnant mother should rest for a total of one and half hour in a day scheduled into morning and afternoon rest. A single rest should last for about 30 to 40 minutes. Such rest should adopt a lying position that will aid easy flow of blood all through the body.
Wrong Sleeping Position
Sleeping especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester lying on the back can have a significant negative effect on the blood flow and eventually lead to stillbirth.
Correct Sleeping Position
In contrast, sleeping on either side preferably left (if possible) will aid blood supply and nutrients to the baby; thereby reduces the risk of stillbirth. It will promote better kidney function to properly get rid of waste materials and also help reduce swelling on hands, ankles/ feet.


*  Use lots of Pillow for support.

*  Use specially designed pillows made for pregnancy.

*  Relax in a semi-upright position in a recliner (instead of bed).

U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow
Specially designed Pillow for pregnancy; Illustrative guide...
A recliner for a comfortable position

Maternity and Nursing Wears for Antenatal and Postnatal

Cloths and fabrics material at this special period (Pregnancy) should be breathable, free or loose while resting. Generally, antenatal prescribes that as the body of the pregnant mother gets increased, maternity brassieres and girdles are the best option to guard the heavy tissues and organs. Maternity gowns are also needed for comfort; the maternity wears (gowns specifically) by design are loose, to make the pregnant mother free during the course of her daily activities hence reduce tiredness.

Yoruba Ankara - Flowning Gown
Ankara Maternity Gown
Gown for Pregnancy
A free Gown for pregnancy
Supportive Belly Band
Supportive Belly Band
 For use in second/ third trimester -
to sooth and relieve tired muscles
Nursing Camisole
Comfy Camisole
(with in-built bra):
a nursing tank top for changing needs:
pregnancy to breastfeeding
Nursing Bra (Non-Wired)
supports breastfeeding; comfortably
Click on image for full view

Dual purpose Bra - Top:
Nursing-Sleep Bra (Wireless)
Click image for full view

Hygiene is incomplete without exercise; exercise makes the body fit whether at pregnancy or after childbirth.
Click for videos on exercises tailored specifically for pregnancy.

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