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Baby’s Developmental Growth

1 Month

  • Reduces activity when talked to.
  • Focuses on ‘rattle toy’ that is in the line of vision.
  • Lifts head when lying on tummy.

2 Months

  • Eyes follow moving person around.
  • Smiles socially when stimulated.
  • Follows rattle toy with eyes past midline.

3 Months

  • Rolls from front to back or reverse.
  • Laughs to self.
  • Searches for sound with eyes.
  • Actively holds rattle toy placed in hand.

4 Months

  • Laughs aloud.
  • Puts toys to mouth.
  • Lifts head high with chest up when lying on tummy.

5 Months

  • Screams with happiness.
  • Plays with fingers in front of face.
  • Good neck control when pulled to sit.

6 Months

  • Sits with assistance or unsupported with a round back.
  • Reaches out, grasps toy with one hand.
  • Uses single sounds: da, ba, ba, ka, etc.

7 Months

  • Begins to make sounds such as: baba, dadad and responds to sound with sound.
  • Bangs table with toys.
  • Transfers toy from hand to hand.
  • Turns head when name is called.

8 Months

  • Tries to pick up crumbs by raking with thumb, second and third fingers.
  • Handles toy in each hand.
  • Sits alone with back straight.
  • Babbles.

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